1. Water of Life - A Talk by Tommy Perman and Rob St John →



    ‘Water of Life’ is an art-science collaboration between Tommy Perman – a visual and sound artist – and Rob St John – an environmental writer and musician, using sound, visual art, photography and writing to explore water flows through Edinburgh, between the natural and the unnatural;…

  2. Me and Rob St.John are now taking pre-orders for our Water of Life limited edition 7″ folio. The package comprises: a letter-pressed folder on recycled card, a 7″ record pressed on recycled vinyl and a set of essays by Rob and prints by Tommy exploring the themes of the project, riso printed using soy inks on recycled paper. Each copy also comes with a digital download of the music.

    The package is limited to 300 copies, and will be released on 9th December 2013, but you can order your copy now from our bandcamp site. Pre-orders will receive an instant download. We’ll be posting the packages out during the first week of December. http://wateroflife.bandcamp.com/



    Our friend Tommy has produced a great newspaper featuring drawings of Edinburgh’s seedy sauna shop fronts.

    Available to buy here.

    My latest zine documenting the shop fronts of Edinburgh’s ‘saunas’ is available now from Analogue. This recent article in The Scotsman gives a good summary of the story and confirms that many of the saunas are now facing closure: "Police move to close six Edinburgh saunas"

  4. Ambassador Sauna

    Ambassador Sauna

  5. Blair Street Sauna

    Blair Street Sauna

  6. Carol’s Sauna

    Carol’s Sauna

  7. Abacus Sauna

    Abacus Sauna

  8. Executive Sauna

  9. London Street Sauna

    London Street Sauna

  10. New Town Sauna

    New Town Sauna

  11. Number 9 Sauna

  12. Paradise Sauna

    Paradise Sauna

  13. Scorpio Leisure

    Scorpio Leisure

  14. Steamworks Sauna

    Steamworks Sauna